Roof Shingles



Basic asphalt strip shingles have been the industry standard for decades and are most often used by building contractors on economy priced homes or by existing homeowners because they can be used as replacement shingles on houses that already have them.  Even our most economical shingles have been vastly improved over recent years  due to tougher regulations and improvements in materials making them a good choice for the budget minded consumer.   Our least expensive asphalt shingles still offer a wide variety of material grades, warranties and color selections to complement your exterior house paint and trim colors as well as provide better wind resistance and reflectivity for improved energy savings.  Don't let a failing roof cause irreversible damage to your home - contact Gulf Coast Roofing today and see how our wide variety of roofing materials allow us to provide quality products to fit most any budget. 



Today's laminated shingles are made of the most durable materials available,  and our GAF certified products are manufactured at locations throughout the United States, giving you the assurance that all the industry standards have been exceeded to meet today's tougher building requirements.  Our top-of-the-line laminated shingles are made of layered material making them thicker, heavier, and offering functional improvements like impact resistance and solar reflection to keep energy costs low and extend the life of your roofing system.  These versatile shingles can be laid in many configurations to enhance the beauty of your architecture and lend pleasing aesthetics to multi-gabled structures or high pitch roofs.  Some designs feature "shadow lines" for a visible appeal and the look of natural slate or shake shingles and most offer a limited lifetime warranty. Whether steep slope or low slope, we have the roofing materials to complete the look of your home or commercial building.