Metal Roofing



More and more contractors and individual consumers are realizing the advantages of investing in a metal roof, regardless of the size or shape of a home or commercial structure.  Modern metal roofs, when properly installed by a licensed, certified roofing contractor can last up to 100 years - especially when maintained by the manufacturer's recommendations. Quality knows no compromise and when considering structural loads, building codes and your investment in any building, old or new, it just makes sense to start at the top with the best metal roofing material available.  Along with the foundation, your roof will provide the most protection for the longevity of your home or commercial building.  Metal roofs offer better wind resistance and impermeability during the roughest weather by use of interlocking panels, and the common materials of Zinc, Copper and Steel Alloys are longer lasting than standard asphalt roofs.  Metal roofs can be found in almost any color to compliment the rest of your exterior while still reflecting heat away from the building underneath. Buildings with metal roofing can realize as much as a 40% reduction in energy costs in the hottest summers and up to 15% in the coldest winters; they can even reduce what's called the "heat island effect" of cities.  Although metal roof materials are strong and durable, they are still lightweight making them an easy install over an existing roof, and ideal for larger or older buildings by helping to maintain the structures' integrity. 


To find out just how affordable and durable a metal roof can be, contact a member of Gulf Coast Roofing's GAF Certified Roofing team for more information on how to make the most of your investment in your new or existing home or commercial property.